Frequently asked questions

Are there storage lockers in the buildings?
When does the leasing period start?
Are there any 1 bedroom apartments (3 ½ ) ?
I am interested in an apartment, are there any available at this time?
Is it possible to reserve an apartment if none is currently available?
Are the apartments rented by room?
What services are included in the price of rent?
Will I have Wifi access in my apartment?
Can I use my own appliances?
Are the apartments rented furnished?
Is there a washer and dryer hook-up in the apartments?
Are there apartments adapted for people with reduced mobility?
Is there parking lot in the buildings?
Are pets allowed?
If I want to live alone, can I apply for the multiroom apartments?
Can I share my apartment with my partner if she/he/they are not a student and I am?
Is the property in my apartment insured?
Is the building safe? What are the security measures in place?
Who is the owner of the building?
How does UTILE ensure that rents are kept affordable over time?
Is it possible to sign a lease for less than 12 months?
Can I renew my lease when I will no longer be studying?
What are the move-in dates?
Is it possible to visit the apartments before signing the lease.
What is our selection policy?
How does the selection process and allocation of apartments work?
Which documents are accepted as an enrollment proof?
You have more questions?
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