Creating a Project

Where to Begin ?

Would you like to carry out a project in collaboration with UTILE, but you don't know where to start?

The UTILE cycle offers a turnkey approach to development, management and operationalization. By working with us, you have access to an interdisciplinary team whose expertise is unique in Quebec and which calls on a vast network of players.

Whether the need has been identified by UTILE or by a partner, here are the winning conditions to start a project and the key steps that our team will carry out in collaboration with you.


Start a Project

Two types of opportunities allow UTILE to start a project: the identification of potentially available land or a financial contribution.

In most cases, the donation of land or a grant equivalent to 10% of the total value of a project is sufficient for UTILE to bring together other financial partners and carry out the project.

The transfer or sale of land.

A donation or loan of money.

Transform the opportunity into a project:

Find a property (where the starting point is financial)

Perform due diligence

Carry out technical feasibility studies

Prepare the financial package and assess the financial viability

Proceed with approvals and fundraising


Design and Construction of the Building

Three fundamental principles guide UTILE in the realization of a project, from the design of the building to the opening of its doors:

Maximize affordability

Respect the needs of the student market

Limit the environmental impact

The UTILE team is involved in all stages and ensures the smooth running and deployment of projects.


Building Management

UTILE owns the projects it develops. By taking charge of the day-to-day management of operations, the organization limits financial risks and the level of investment required for its development partners, in addition to ensuring compliance with high quality standards. It therefore undertakes to:

Lead the tenant selection process and have the leases signed

Maintain buildings and facilities

Communicate with tenants and meet their needs