L'Unité de travail pour l'implantation de logement étudiant (UTILE) is the only social economy enterprise that specializes in student housing across Quebec.


Our mission is to develop and operate affordable student housing in addition to studying the matter and promoting the issues relating-thereto.

The non-profit organization works to improve the living conditions of the student population by developing sustainable living environments, built to a high quality and adapted to their needs.

In doing so, the organization helps to maximize the positive effects of the dynamism of the student population on urban communities while reducing the pressure it exerts on the rental market.

Unique Expertise

UTILE was inspired by numerous social economy housing initiatives elsewhere in the world to design an affordable student housing model specific to Quebec.

Rich in several surveys conducted on student housing, UTILE supports the planning of new projects on the demand, needs and distribution of the student population throughout the Province of Quebec.

This expertise leads the organization to collaborate with multiple players in community housing, the student movement and higher education across Canada.

Our Values


Supporting Pleasant Living Environments

UTILE supports the right to housing and believes that every student has the right to evolve in an affordable, accessible living environment adapted to their needs.

The well-being of tenants is at the heart of its concerns, from architectural design to day-to-day management.


Building For Future Generations

It is no longer possible to build buldings without considering their overall impact. This is why UTILE works on the basis of the principles of sustainable development.

Its design approach is based on analyzing the life cycles of materials and on energy efficiency to minimize its long-term environmental footprint.


Innovative Financing

In order to minimize the share of public funding required for each project, UTILE has implemented innovative financial models to support the autonomous development of its projects.

The organization makes a point of remaining flexible and to align its activities with best management practices.


Adaptive to Places and Communities

UTILE develops each tailor-made project in collaboration with its partners and local communities.

This grounding in the field makes it possible to conceptualize projects for and by the student population, adapted to their reality and meeting their needs.