Transforming the Future of Student Housing

By building a network of buildings, UTILE is helping to transform the future of student housing. More than a housing solution conducive to studies, this concept complements the range of possibilities that the rental market currently offers.

Beyond the social impact on accessibility to studies, such a transformation has the potential to positively influence the affordability of housing on the rental market in student cities in Quebec. By building more new affordable housing, UTILE is part of the solutions supporting the right to shelter.

Offering a Quality Living Environment to 10% of the Student Tenant Population

By 2025, UTILE aims to offer 1,500 rooms in several student cities across Quebec. This is the first step towards achieving its ambitious goal of housing 10% of the student population.

With more than 250,000 students seeking accommodation in Quebec each year, this model has the capacity to meet growing demand.

Our History